Anyone in Portland, OR buy from Concentrates, Inc.?


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May 10, 2010
lake oswego flats
I noticed that they have 50# of food grade DE for $19.60
Stall Dry 40# $10.40
and lots of different feed - but I haven't heard of "Payback" or "Albers" brands - wondering if anyone has used these?

The price of the DE and Stall Dry is good, just wondering if it is worth the drive for the feed since I have a couple of places much closer to me for feed and the price is about the same. Also curious on their scratch - we usually make our own from the bulk bins at Winco.
Something I don't feel I should keep to myself, is the fact that the grains (corn, soybean meal, flax, canola, etc.) were tested by Oregon Department of Agriculture in 2007,2008,2009.
The tests revealed higher than normal levels of Selenium.
I know all this because I spent the money on testing my livestock's liver, blood, and hair. The levels were off the chart. That's when the ODA got involved. The grain test results are on their website.
If you google "selenium toxicity" you will see that even a tiny amount more than what is recommended will build up in the body and eventually will rise to toxic levels. They also add more Selenium, to the feed, without testing the grain first. Even if they didn't add more Selenium, the grains have tested high enough to cause Toxicity on their own. There is no law that says they have to test, and they know most livestock owners will never think to test for Selenium levels when their animal has problems. So they can keep raking in the money, and nobody is the wiser. (it can take more than a year to build up to the toxic level, just depends on how much is in the feed)
Selenium has the narrowest range of safety of all the essential minerals.
There is a whole industry built up around the sale of Selenium. Don't be fooled by the "Organic Selenium" either. It is all toxic at the right amounts.
Since all the major feed manufacturers purchase grain from the same place, they are virtually the same no matter who you purchase from. Corn and soybean are not grown in Oregon, they are being shipped in from South Dakota where the soil is extremely high in Selenium (believe it or not, the farmers in South Dakota would not graze their livestock on that land, yet they will grow millions of acres of grain for the western half of the US. to consume.
I already talked to the FDA and filed a formal complaint. They said they know it is a problem, but they have no law about "naturally" occurring Selenium, only a law about the "addition" of it, and are reluctant to cause problems for the grain industry. So they are going to wait until enough people complain about it before they do anything. The problem with that is, most people would never think to test for it when their animal goes down. It can cause any one of a hundred different symptoms. The Vets have no experience with it and they won't think of it either.
I recommend purchasing feed from somebody who uses locally grown grain from low Selenium areas, because you can't buy a vitamin/mineral premix without Selenium added (I know, I've tried). So if the mineral mix added to the grain has Selenium, you certainly wouldn't want other ingredients to have Selenium.
I've never been there. I live in Beaverton and have bought feed from Aloha Feed. My pullets are working on the Albers brand starter they sell there. They seem to like it, don't waste it at all. I know they sell DE too, but I can't remember how much.

What do you buy at Winco to make scratch out of? I love Winco bulk isles.
we get the millet mix plus add red rolled oats, (pardon my spelling on the others) tri-something berries, BOSS, some flax seed, and whatever else looks good for a mix. They seem to love it.
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Well I went by today, just to check it out - right out front they had 3 bags of BOSS - 2 40# and a 25#. The 40# were $10 each!! I asked why so cheap - moths. I figured, extra protein especially since its is just scratch. When I got them home - hardly any moth evidence. Yay me.

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