Anyone interested in splitting a Silver Ameraucana order of 25?


I squeak, therefore I am
11 Years
Jul 5, 2008
Albuquerque, NM
I'm thinking of putting in an order for 25 Ameraucana hatchlings from in Michigan. However I've got a few problems:

- Only orders of 25 or 50 are going to be filled, and only straight run is available

- The city ordinance allows me only 15 chickens, only one of whom can be a rooster

- Only straight run is available so I'm guaranteed at least some roosters and possibly a majority, and

- Although I'm set up for adult birds, I don't have any chick friendly facilities yet.

So... I'd like a partner in crime to split the order and help me out with surplus roosters. Is anyone in New Mexico interested in splitting an order?

I'm leaning toward buff Ameraucana but could possibly be talked into something different.

The birds would be ready in the spring, and the chicks would ship in April or May. These are full sized purebred Ameraucuana birds.

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