Anyone know of who might have bourbon red hens


13 Years
Jul 8, 2010
I live about an hour north of St. Louis and was wondering if anyone knows of who might have bourbon red hens for sale in my area. I am willing to go by st louis, just over into illinois, and up towards hannibal.

I know I can't replace Gertie (and I wouldn't expect to replace her) but would like to get another hen. Poor Tom is so lost without her. And I would like another hen for a pet.

I would rather not go with one that is very young (like six months or younger) cause Tom was from spring of 09. Would like one about that age or maybe year older.

If no one knows of any bourbon reds, do you know any other kind in this area? If I can't get a bourbon red, I would take another kind.

Thanks for any help.

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