Anyone know what breed?


5 Years
Apr 20, 2014

Can anyone tell me her breed? Currently in quarantine. Got her from a friend, but not sure of her breed. Similar to my golden comets, but more buff in color.
Ty after the two responses I looked up that breed and I do believe that is what she is. I can snap a better picture when I let her roam a little later today.
Thank you everyone. I do need a different pic, but after the responses I did get I looked up the amber link breed and I am pretty sure that is what she is. When I let her roam a little later I will get a better picture.
I figured they were similar to my red sex linked

Amber Links are a reverse Red Sex Link bred by crossing a silver gene rooster X a red gene hen instead of a red gene rooster X a silver gene hen as in the RSLs. Unlike RSLs, Amber Links cannot be sexed by color from hatching, but instead are sexed by feather development.

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