Anyone know what breeds these chicks are?

It's very difficult to tell what breeds baby chicks are if you don't know what breeds are in the box at all. Do you know what breeds you have, even if you don't know which is which?

I could be wrong here, since it's so hard to tell, but I'll give you my best shot:

The little brown chick will grow up to be one of the brown chicken breeds. Some breeds it could be are Welsummer, Speckled Sussex, Brown Leghorn, or a similar brown breed.
The two greyish chicks look like lavender breeds, perhaps Orpingtons, but I'm not sure. They could also be blue or splash.
The one with light stripes is anyone's guess... :hmm

I wish I could help you more, but it's extremely difficult to discern chick breeds when they're that young.
Individual pictures would help, close up of face/comb. The small one maybe and old English game bantam of the black breasted red variety. I'm no help on the others

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