Anyone know who could have dug this?


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Apr 23, 2012
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My daughter was waiting for the bus early yesterday morning and heard what to her sounding like a large animal digging near the chicken pen. As I investigated I couldn't find anything or hear anything. Today she showed me where the noise was coming from and we found a rather large whole. The morning she reported it I could only smell a skunk. Not too close so I didn't think much of it. Do you think this could have done it? How should I handle getting"rid" of the culprit?
Howdy neighbor. You said you smelled a skunk in the early morning? Then I'm thinking skunk. From CT DEEP:

More here:

The hole doesn't appear to be an attempt to tunnel into your coop or run, right?

You can shoot them at any time (no closed season in CT) or trap them from New Year's Day to March 15, and Nov. 2 to Dec. 31, w/a permit. (Or SSS or live trap and relocate. I'm not gonna tattle.) Watch out, they tend to spray when shot.
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Thanks for the quick response. The hole is about 6 feet from the run. I don't think it was tunneling because I don't see any other holes. I will be putting out a trap tonight to see if I get anything. I don't want skunk spray all over the place (yuck) lol.

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