Anyone like Tour of Duty?


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Jan 12, 2007
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Anyone like Tour of Duty series that broadcasted in 1980's?

The music "Paint it Black" still beats in my head today.

For those of you who have fought in Vietnam, is it like what you had experience or was it all "glamourized"?

I like Ruiz and Terence Knox. Such good actors! Almost like MASH show but MASH is more funnier.

It seems like the series is trying to do the spin off of MASH in a way but sorry that it ended.
Watched every episode when it originally aired. Don't really get the connection to MASH, can't remember anything at all funny about Tour of Duty.
Oh there were some fun skit going on but MASH is more geared for comedy in the medical field. Tour of Duty is more geared for action, a rush and reality kind of show.

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