**Anyone make dividers for hatching different breeds in an incubator?


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Well the topic pretty much says it all.

Here is the problem, I am hatching some similar breeds, or I want to keep one hens chicks separate, so that I can mark or band them when the hatch is complete.

I am hatching in a square Hovabator and I would like to either make something to divide the inside into half or quarters.

I thought about using chicken wire, however with the way that the chicks hurl themselves around after hatching, I am afraid that they will hurt themselves. It has to not give off fumes when heated and obviouslty, not catch fire.

I have heard about using a berry basket turned upside down , but I think that this would only work for about 1 egg.

Has anyone solved this problem, or have any good ideas short of using 2 incubators which I would like to try to not resort to.

Any help would be appreciated.


How about stainless collander or desk organizing baskets? Actually you could just set up cardboard walls. Eggcartons dont catch fire in bators, so why would pieces of cardboard.
Not sure I'd say I have 'solved' anything, but I have used cardboard strips to split a bator shelf in half. An 'S' shaped fold seems to work well. I also cut away parts of the center bottom and top to allow better circulation. Basically, I now start with an 'I' shaped piece of cardboard. Stand the 'I' on edge and fold the top and bottom of the 'I' in opposite directions. You should now see the 'S' fold from above. If it is tipsy, add a taped on leg to center to stablize. You may need to try 2 or 3 styles to find one that fits well in your bator.

I've only done it 4 or 5 times when I had quail and chickens hatching at the same time. I was afraid the big chicks would bully the small quail before they were dry enough to move to brooder. Good luck!
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I have also made dividers out of hardware cloth, that way circulation isn't hindered in anyway and the holes are small enough that chicks cant get caught up on them.
I bought some small plastic stacking baskets from the dollar tree. . . .

This work well on my first hatch.
On the second hatch - - I had a chick Squeeze thru the holes in the side of the baskets.

So, I will try the baskets again - - - but will need to modify them so that a WILD CHILD doesn't escape!
I got the idea from someone here, but I just bought a few sheets of that plastic mesh called plastic canvas at a hobbycraft store.
It cuts easily with sewing shears, can be wired or tied together with nearly anything, easily cleaned and disinfected, and made to nearly any size or shape dividers.

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