Anyone mix their own feed for their ducks?


Feb 11, 2019
I’m looking to start mixing my own feed.

I have a small flock of 4 ducks & 1 Drake. They are still in prime egg laying age & ideally this is why I have them. Right now it is winter & they are not laying but obviously come spring I’ll up their calcium.

Just wondering for those who mix what are you mixing & why?
keep giving them supplements to keep the girls healthy, but don’t encourage them (don’t supplement light) to lay eggs right now because you want them to have a break as long as possible to stay healthy
Oh haha let me clear things up. I’m not switching to a mixed feed for them to lay more. I’m doing it to save money (get more lbs per $).

I was just saying I have ducks to lay eggs mostly not to put meat on their bones to eat. I understand they take breaks & I do not supplement light. Due to not laying they shouldn’t need excess calcium. That’s all I meant.
I would like to know what everyone mixes as well. I was buying a soy free chicken layer feed but it was 18% protein and one of my ducks kept laying double yokes. I read that this could mean too much protein, so now I mix in whole oats and BOS. None of the eggs I got today are double yokes.
The lady who I got my ducks from mixed their feed, so when I first got them I did too and used her 'recipe'. But after a month or two I switched to actual ducks feed or sometimes all flock.

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