Anyone on BYC in college at the moment? Come say Hello!


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May 31, 2011
Warrenton, Virgina
At the moment I am a Junior in college and I love chickens! My big question is is there anyone else on here in college? If so do you still have your chickens or did you have to sell/ give them away? What are your plans after college? Are you going to get chickens/ keep the ones you have? Tell me about your chicken adventures! :)

As for me I am lucky enough to still have chickens while I am in college thanks to my awesome parents. My home in Virginia but school is in Ohio. I try to visit as often as possible and make the coops and all the chickens as easy to work with as possible. Thankfully I also have a grandmother in Ohio where I am keeping a few as well! My dream with raising chickens is to breed and show wyandottes. My favorites are standard silver laced but I also have some standard partridge, bantam silver penciled and even some B/B/S orpingtons on top of that. So far I have looked all over trying to find some fantastic wyandottes and I have been quite lucky to meet a few people that I am keeping in touch with and random findings of great birds. I am at home right now to pick up 8 birds to bring with me to show in the Ohio National. Not going to lie I am so excited to go and see how my birds do! I know there will be major breeders there but hopefully I can hold my own and possibly place. I am also going to be bringing them to school to have people draw and hold them. At school when I "talk chicken" peoples eyes tend to glaze over (I bet a lot of you know what I'm talking about!). I'm hoping to educate people and show them how awesome chickens are and hopefully convert a few haha. So that's a tid bit about me tell me about YOU! I would love to be able to talk to others who are juggling chickens and college :).

Also share pictures!

Here are few pictures of my babies :)!

Mr.Oppenheimer and his hens (a bit lacking in his neck feathers)

One of my cockerels I bred and hatched :)

One of the pullets I bred and hatched out

One of my partridge wyandottes

Bantam silver penciled wyandotte pullet

Black orpington hen named Duchess :)

Mr.Copernicus and his ladies
I have chickens and I am in college! And yes, if I try to talk about them to my classmates their eyes glaze over and they look at me like they think I am about to produce a greased pig for us to chase down the academic hallway.... LOL

My wife and I are in college at the moment, also. We are a bit of a non-tra though. Tough economy forced us to upgrade our educational status, so back to school we went! So far it has been quite fun. We are both juniors now but will attain senior status (in school, not that old yet!) at semester. Chickens seemed fun for us to do and enabled us to teach the kids about business in the process. The kids see how much work they have to put into it in order to receive a dozen eggs as well as how much money it takes to care for our little flock to harvest a dozen. So far it has been nothing but good, fun, entertainment. (yes, we've cleaned the coop a couple times) Anyway, glad you made a thread for the college crowd. Maybe we can be a non-tra on here as well?
I am in college at this time as well. I still have my chickens because I live at home and attend college at the same time. I don't live on campus. As I am adding to my flock now I had best keep my flock after college.
But yes, I am going to keep my chickens after college as well. I am working on breeding silkies now. I absolutely love them.
You might say that I am a bit of a non-trad student as well. I am in college right now, in graduate school working towards a master's degree. Crossing my fingers that next semester I can get through it all and finished! Presently I am not situated to keep large numbers of birds, however I have started raising large white wyandottes and showed a male at a small show this past spring and he did get Reserve American. I wanted to show at the OH National but the cockerel that I had entered has started molting his hackles and he just won't be ready.
Non-Trad or not everyone is welcome here
@RHRanch - I think a few people have thought the same thing of me as well! Thankfully I have found a few friends who understand my chicken obsession. At school I'm usually referred to as "The Chicken Girl".

@Joe Jordon - That's awesome you are letting your kids raise chickens. I think it is so much fun and every kid I have known to do it loves it!

@Hennyhandler - What color silkies are you breeding? Would love to see pictures :). I tried silkies once but predators in my area love banties sadly. Still think they are awesome birds.

@7961 - Good luck finishing up with school! I am having the molting problem with my silver rooster. I have already paid for his entry so I am just praying his feathers come in quickly. Got any pictures of your boy?

I'm glad everyone has been able to keep their chickens while at school. My friend sadly had to sell her chickens (Millie Flure D'Uccles) because he parents didn't like them and she couldn't take them with. I told her she should have snuck them in and told people they were fancy pigeons
! What is sad is people probably would have believed it to since she was moving to the inner city. I am guilty of sneaking a few chickens into my apartment for a day (had to transport them home)... I had to move them to a friends house because one of the silkies started crowing at 2 am! It felt like mission impossible sneaking them out and into my car in the middle of the night.
I am working on breeding white, BBS, and partridge. It takes time and patience but I am getting there. I will have to get some pics soon to show.
Old lady student here - freshman even.

Told my husband I wanted to move into the dorm and like, party and stuff. He didn't really know what to say about that.

I thought about that (just kidding!/sort of!) but since I live 3 miles from my university I decided I probably couldn't afford it (no financial aid if u live 3 miles from the dorm!) and my family already thinks I am crazy enough..... lol Plus I'm old enough to want to at least pretend I have dignity.

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