Anyone order from The Poultry Hatchery?

Have you checked into Cackle hatchery they do have Dominiques sexed. Great customer service at least the 4 times I have ordered from them. Chicks are all healthy and alert out of the 300 plus chicks only 2 DOA. I personally couldn't be happier and don't plan on ordering from any one else. Also prices are very reasonable. Just my 2 cents worth!!
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The poultry hatchery is only 2 hours from me... I was thinking about going up there sometime and taking a look. Their website isn't even full finished yet, that annoys me. They advertise all over craigslist to check out their website, but when you go to click in something it will say there is nothing on that page.
I tried to place an order with them early this spring. I wanted barred Hollands, for some reason they're only available for local pick-up. I'm on Oregon, so no go on that! They never told me WHY that breed was pick-up only, just said it was stated in the breed description. I looked and looked and never found a reason. The web site was not professional, half the links didn't work or led to a blank page--I know that doesn't indicate quality of birds by any means, but apparently it's been that way for a while. I'm just getting a big ol flaky vibe from the whole place.

I also question this....copied from their website...

You may request that your order be marked by breeds so you can tell which breeds are which. Your chicks will receive a color dot on their head which is non-toxic and does not harm them at all. It will stay on your chick for about 1-2 weeks, ducks sometimes less due to water exposure. This service is optional and will incur additional charge for service. If you are selecting local pick up; this charge is not an optional service if you purchase males, you will be charged to have your males marked as they need to be separated from all other females and marked by breed.

Bold type added by me to emphasize what I find odd...if you're picking up chicks, you HAVE to have the males marked? Day old males have to be separated from females when you pick them up from the store, but it's okay to toss them all in a box for a few days...let alone brood them together. Plus, they're not saying how much this "non-optional service" is......
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This hatchery was semi local to me, so i went there to pick up some chicks. I ended up with ten which seem healthy. However, my two salmon faverolle are eitherboth roosters or the poorest colors possible. They charge .50 cents extra per week for older chicks, but somehow count the weeks on 5 day increments, and to top it all off, they charged me a 14 dollar small order fee. For a pick-up order at their "store." Which happens to be a tempory construction trailer. Never again.

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