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10 Years
Feb 19, 2011
Hernando, FL
Blue Poultry has Greenfire stock of Coronation Sussex available in started pairs. I was just wondering if anyone has bought from them and how your experience has been. Thanks!
We ordered some BLRW from them..NEVER again..sent mostly single combs and 80% roosters-they feather sex at hatch.Ended up having to give away most of them...not breeding quality at all.
That is the first for me! I can not blame anyone for the high percentage of male chicks so that is not that unusual. Are these BLRW breeding projects? Did the breeder explain anything to you the reason you are getting single combs and not show quality?
I am buying a started pair from them. We will see how it goes. Coronation Sussex not BLRW.

I really had a horrible experience with them. I didn't order the coronations I ordered the BLR Wyandottes.

I got 15 birds.

Did not get my order but a modified one.
2 culled at arrival, leg deformities.
1 with liveable foot deformity
3 single combs out of 13 birds.

So far 7 out of the 13 that lived are roosters. They are only 6 weeks old.
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