Anyone raised a blind bird?


6 Years
Jun 20, 2016
Has anyone raised and kept a blind bird as part of their flock? Any issues? We are raising a blind peachick along with another 3 peachicks and 1 chick. All get along fine. We are at week 5 and I'm wondering how we will eventually introduce him to our flock (1 rooster, 1 peacock and 8 hens). I'm a little concerned he'll have a rough time. I'm not sure he'll be able to roost normally. Any recommendations?

Should note that we just introduced two Easter Eggers and our flock was very welcoming - very little disruption. Two weeks later and the babies are part of the flock and sleeping right alongside the big birds at night. We do have two hens and our peacock who are at the bottom and have formed their own misfit group - no one bothers them - and they sleep together in a separate part of the coop.

This chick had been incubated by our friend who put it with a broody hen, who nearly killed it. The chick is developing physically normally from the neck down, but it has trouble holding its head up and is definitely blind. I've moved the food and water around and he is able to re-acclimate. He also gets along great with the other babies.
I don't see why he can't live normally with the flock if they get along. I had a young bird who was blind in one eye, and he got along just fine. I would just supervise carefully to make sure he doesn't get to bullied when you first introduce them. He might even be able to figure out the roosting bar after a while. If he can find the food and water, and doesn't get too bullied, then he should be fine. I would maybe just give him electrolytes in his water to get him stronger, but I think he'll be fine. Please let me know how it goes! :)

P.S. :welcome

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