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  1. TwinsLoveChicks
    Here is my small red coop! It is approximately 5'x4' with 3 nest boxes and has about 5' of roosting space. I have had it for about 6-7 years now and I love it.


    Here are the nest boxes. I really like the way the swing out and each have their own separate doors. I can clean them easily and the girls can't escape out the other boxes while I'm collecting eggs. Another thing I like about them is the chicken wire in between them instead of solid wood. It makes the coop feel bigger, and I can see how many eggs there are just by opening the clean-out door.



    Here is the roost. This picture is taken from the large clean-out door, which makes cleaning a breeze and can be left open on nice days. There is an opening above the roost for ventilation, but the coop has never been drafty. Also, the floor of the coop is hardware cloth, but I use shavings in my coop so it is rarely open.



    The pop door leads into a small run, and from there I let them into their big run for the day.

    Some decorations. I love the metal chickens.


    Here are some pictures of the flock.


    What I would do differently
    • Size. I would love for it to be bigger!

    What I love the most
    • The nesting boxes. I love how they're set up with chicken wire and the doors. It is so easy to collect eggs and clean!

    • The huge clean-out door too. It is super easy to check on the birds at night, and catching or checking on a bird is really easy. It is wonderful to leave it open during a nice day as well.

    So there is my small red coop. I have another, larger coop being built very soon, so I will document that too, and I'll update this article with better pictures soon. I hope you liked it and thanks for reading!


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