anyone real good with candling need help with wild easterns


9 Years
Jun 8, 2010
my friend gave us a call that they were going to destroy a turkeys nest next to there house were they are build a new we drove over an picked up all 11 before that were destroyed.
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:lauThey should be hatching in the next few days! I bet they are out by Monday. You also can not have these eggs! You should edit this post for these "standard bronze" eggs!
good news update we found someone who can take the eastern wild turkeys if they hatch.i got a list of wild life rehabers an call a few found someone who said if they hatch he will take them in to theere turkey rehab program.they were super excited atleast we know they will have a place to live when they hatch.dont worry we will take lots of pics before we send them to there new home.
it is illegal in our state to have wild eastern turkeys i could raise them an prob get away with it but i like the fact my girls want to do the right thing an give them to a rehab center.we are just happy we found someone local that can take them

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