Anyone ride a bicycle for exercise?


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12 Years
Sep 1, 2010
Just curious if anyone does, I was thinking about starting. Casually I mean, I am not talking "Tour D'France" type stuff.

Thought it might be a good low impact aerobic work out for old ankles and hips.
YES! I do. I love riding my bike (especially since I got a new road bike instead of my 20 year old mountain bike-world of difference!)

I try to get on the road at least 3 times a week, weather permitting. I'd *like* to enter a century, but do one of the shorter (25 mile) routes, just for the east end of Long Island sightseeing value.

What kind of bike do you have or want? Do you live in a hilly area, or flat terrain? Trails or road? It is great low-impact exercise, and the things you can see are far nicer than in a car. I also run, but with the huffing and puffing I do, I really can't enjoy the scenery.

We should find some other members and start a support thread!
I do not have a bike yet. I was going to get one of the "cruiser" type styles but w/ gears. I didn't want the haunched over road bike style, my work is already murder on my lower back. All the research I've done the sites are really anti-box store bikes, but really that is the price point I am going to have to do. The area I live in is hilly and I intend to ride mostly on roads. I am going to check on bike trails in my area, I know there are some w/I 20 miles, but was wanting to see if any were really close (like less then 5 miles).

My goals are to burn some cardio calories while being kind to my asthma, bad hips and bad feet/ankles
Yes, i do. I have a bike and go for ride every day early in the morning about 10 kilometers.


How long have you been bicycling?
I also ride a bike. You get what you pay for in bikes. Consider buying used rather than new if your budget is on the low end. I started with a Schwinn hybrid purchased at Costco for $200. After having to upgrade the wheels, saddle, crankset, and due to the rear wheel change the rear cassette I have over $500 invested and it is still a $200 dollar heavy bike. It took me from poor fitness to riding a hilly metric century in a year and half. I've since upgraded to first an aluminum road bike and then again to a carbon fiber road bike. I also have added a cyclocross race bike. Cycling can be as addictive as raising chickens. I'm at 3920 miles for the year as of yesterday. Would be a bunch more but I was hit by a car on June 1st and that hampered my summer a bit. I still managed to ride Seattle to Portland in one day in July.

Good luck with your cycling. Hope you find as much enjoyment as I have.
Hit by a car while cycling???? Glad you were able to recover. That is a big fear of mine, seems like every month or so the local news will report a cyclist being struck and sometimes killed by a car.
Yes, hit while cycling. I was going 25 mph when a motorist turned in front of me. totaled my bike. Lots of road rash. Two moths of pain and suffering. A different outlook when it comes to cars around my bike........ The very next day I was out on a bike. My bikes are my health club, without them I'd be not very healthy.

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