Anyone Show Cats?

Celtic Hill

9 Years
Mar 7, 2010
Scotland CT

Does anyone on here show cats? My mom's friend shows Singapuras and im taking care of them this week! I love them! She is going to a CFA show in january and im gunna go with her and bring my cat and show her in the Household cat division!
My mom and I used to show Maine Coons! We bred, raised and showed them for years. I still like to go to cat shows to watch, but we got out of breeding/showing and did rescue work for years after that.
I had a cat that I used to show in Household Pet..she was SO mean at home but when we took her there, she always placed high and was friendly to the judges
When I was little, my mom showed her Maine Coons, I always had my Household Pets! Then I got into the Maine Coons and showed them. We showed CFA, never really got into TICA
I've shown gerbils so I don't know why showing cats would be funny. Some day I'd like purebred cats but for our current situation an indoor only cat is near impossible and there are so many stray or feral cats around that I just keep ending up with kittens I never planned to get. We were actually thinking of bengals or servals. Dunno if those are actually showable breeds though since they are not pure domestic cats and a serval is often not even crossed with a domestic cat.

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