Anyone try these feeders?

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    I saw these wall feeders and am interested in them, but need opinions on them. The Fine X feeder has a screened bottom. What's the deal with that? The Econo is the same with a covered bottom. Which is better? Then I'd have to buy a cover? It looks they all cost the same no matter what size they are? Are these junk? The pics don't show the whole thing so it's hard to imagine what they're like. I'm also wondering what size I would need to feed 8 chickens. It would be nice to not have to fill it every day!
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    I'm noticing these are made for rabbits, but I guess they can be used for chickens too. I've read that the chickens scratch the food out of it, but what if I make a cover over the trough with holes to keep them from doing that?
  3. If you are a crafty person or know someone that can help you. You can make them out of 6 or 8 in white pvc pipe.

    Have it come down the wall and into a 45 or 90 degree elbow and then extend it from there.

    You could also reduce to a smaller pipe so that they could eat out of it.

    You can mount it with perforated strap.

    It would be less expensive.
  4. There is another thread looking to make more floor space with feeders.

    Folks have put links for feeders.

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