Anyone use a sportsman incubator? Comments on them?


8 Years
Feb 2, 2011
Wasilla Alaska
Friends are thinking of co-oping into a sportman incubator. I'm a bit hesitant, especially from the size of it when I doubt we'll do that large a hatch except in the spring. Anyway, just looking for pros and cons from anyone who's used one. If enough pros, I'll likely be persuaded to fall in line, enough cons I might be able to convice the others this is a way overkill incubator (see where I'm leaning?) They all figure if we don't collectivly have anough eggs to fill it, we can offer space to other chicken lovers in our area. Comments would be appreciated.


Nevermore Acres
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Aug 22, 2010
Mount Airy, MD
I've never used one but just ordered a Dickey 2x2. I have two smaller incubators. Will I ever fill the Dickey, probably not. But I'm thinking of a 3 incubator and for the price of the 3 incubators together I would have spent enough to have bought a Dickey. Or close to it. If you can fill it even half way once or twice a year I would say it's worth it.


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Oct 18, 2008
Hale, Missouri
I bought a used GQF incubator and hatcher at my local feedstore last summer.
I am getting so much better hatch rate now than I was with my stupid LG
styrofoam bators.
It keeps the temps dead on, and the humidity in my incubator very seldom varies
at all.
I do have a slight complaint about the hatcher. The hatching drawers are too shallow.
I keep having chicks hop over the sides and I find them on the floor of the hatcher way
in the back. Almost takes climbing into the thing to get them out. The chicks never seem
to be hurt, it's just a major pain. I'm trying to figure out a cage of some sort that I can
put in there just to raise the sides.

Otherwise, I love my GQF's. I think they are sportsman, but since they were used they
have no model number or anything to tell me.


Free Ranging
12 Years
Oct 16, 2008
I am using 3 sportsmans right now.. I use one for a hatcher, but I can always fire it up for an incubator just with the flip of the turner switch.. I am well satisfied with all of mine. One of them is well over 25 years old..

You just put the word out and you can fill it with custom hatching eggs..

If you decide to get one, keep my address and contact me.. I will explain how you can get an extra 12 to 16 dozen eggs in one..

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