Anyone used this brooder box before?


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Mar 10, 2011

babies are getting stinky and I'm wanting to move them outside. The daytime temp is fine for them but I'm worried that at night it's too cold. This box has a place for the heat lamp and looks easy to pick up to clean. Was thinking about putting it in a seperate pen outside with a lamp for the evening. It says $46 on the website but our local store has them for $33. Anyone used it or have any opinions?
I can't say I've ever seen anything like that, but for that price you could get a Rubbermaid tub, brooder lamp and everything else you'd need to get them out of your house. I actually brooded my chicks in my garage in a cardboard box. When they were big enough to be more mobile (flying) I put chicken wire over the tip to confine them. I had them outside in their coop full-time when they were fully feathered. You didn't mention how old your chicks are, or where you are (climate). In a Rubbermaid box you could maybe move them to an enclosed garage or a basement if they're not ready to go outside.

That brooder doesn't mention the size/dimensions, but it does say it would work for a goat? Interesting, but IMHO I'd go with something more economical since it really isn't going to be used for a long period of time.
It's actually for my ducklings. They are two weeks old, big and stinky! Right now I'm brooding them in one of my bathrooms because it's easy to wipe out. Located in mid Missouri. I was thinking it could also make a house for them in their "big bird pen" later on.
I agree for the price i would just make a brooder like i done simple some good cardboard boxes duck tape a heat lamp and water container and feeder and some pine chips and this is my first time raising chicks and there happy and healthy and 4 weeks old

I hear ducklings are super messy though. For $33 I might do it if you think you'd really be using it for than one use-- they do look superdurable and usable for years and it is nice theres a place for the brooderlamp.....
Go on craigslist u can find a lot of people saleing big doghouses and cages and all that for less then 50 I got one for 40 dollars that is over 100 brannew love craigslist u can screw a hook inside a big doghouse and hang the lamp

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