Anyone using a Nite Guard Solar?


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I'm a little late asking if anyone uses one of these and if so do you think it really works, I bought one and installed it today.

This photo and short explanation in my bolg explains what I'm talking about and how it is supposed to work.

My day old chicks should arrive tomorrow and the brooder is set-up in the coop so if it works I'm glad to have it installed. It's been more than 20 years since I've kept hens and this time around I'm trying to build the most secure coop and yard that I possibly can. In the past I have had predator attacks from dogs, raccoon, weasel and coyote. The few hens that I'm getting will be more for pets than anything else. The eggs will be a nice bonus but I'm a vegetarian so they won't need to worry about ending up in the oven. LOL

If you have had experience with this or know of someone who has your comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all of the people who have welcomed me to the forum and made such nice comments about my coop.
Do search and you'll bring up a few threads, I know I've seen at least 3 threads mentioning this in the last few weeks. I'll edit my post if I find them!

Here's one...

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I've haven't read them all, but hopefully this will give you some input!
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I installed mine yesterday and last night little red eyes were blinking next to the coop pop door. I am also curious to know if it works!

Have fun with your chickens
I put one up about 4 months ago.
Since then Ive had 2 raccoon attacks. Yes, I think they get accustomed to it
But it is still flashing! every day
I am a Nite Guard user, and a happy one, at that. Before I had chickens, I built two raised goldfish/Koi ponds. There was nightly predation from raccoons. I lost the Koi first, then some of the goldfish. I replaced them with feeder goldfish every now and then.

Shortly after I got chickens, I put up 3 Nite Guard units on the three sides of the chicken run, figuring the fourth side was close enough to my house (about 10 feet) to be able to fly with 3 sides "protected."

THAT NIGHT the raccoon predation of my ponds stopped. Totally. No aquatic plant destruction, no fish gone.... My 20 cent goldfish are now at least 6 or 7 inches long.

The Nite Guard units have been up over a year and I have had raccoons go through the FRONT yard, but not into the back yard. I pulled down the chicken run some months ago as the whole flock ranges freely and they go into their coops at night. (Except for the ones that persist in roosting on the back porch rail, all in a row.)

No raccoons. I intend to place a few more units here and there, and will be using them when I move in a couple months up into the foothills.
I put up four solar Nite Guards last year, one on each side of the coop, even before I had any chickens. I now have 32 chickens and so far not one raccoon or predator of any kind in my yard or near the coop.
Thanks everyone for your comments there certainly seems t be a wide range of experiences so I guess the ting to do is wait and see how it works for me. It is only one of my line of defences the coop is very secure and when I build the run, shortly, I will be doing everything possible to make it secure too. I also plan to surround the whole area with electric poultry netting so I can let the girls out of their run to free range when ever I'm home and around the property.

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