Anyone wanna critique my carton label idea?


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Nov 16, 2008
I'm not really sure if this is an appropriate place to post this but this is where I've seen most egg selling business talk goin' on.

We are soon to have more eggs than we can eat or give to neighbors. I'm sure we'll be creative with noodles, pickling, freezing, and other such storage methods but we are also looking to sell a few as well. We plan on selling mostly at a local 'unofficial' farmers market. (no assigned spaces, no committee, no fees - people just kinda show up on Saturdays in an empty lot with a table and sell stuff and nobody seems to have an issue with it). Anyways, at our local market, nobody is selling eggs (there is a market 20 miles away that you have to pay annual fees for that have 3 egg vendors selling at $3.50 - $4.00/doz.) We also acquired approx. 200 blank egg cartons while hitting up some garage sales recently and just wanted to dress them up a little.

The options so far are:
1: A sticker for the top of the carton with basic info
2: A slip of paper with some 'chicken info' taped to the top

We don't really want a phone number or our address on it. If people need to contact us for anything I'll set up an email.

Just curious on what you guys do (if anything) or what your thoughts were.

I know if I'm gonna use this one it has some touch-ups yet to do, and no we aren't called 'white trash farms'. We don't know what we're calling ourselves yet.. just something I threw in there for now.

So.. To the point.. if I can get a pic uploaded, lemme know what you thing - any advice or pointers.. things will change soon anyways with the addition of quails and rabbits.

Thanks in advance.


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I got my labels in the mail the other day. I went with your run of the mill address labels, and had my info printed on it with a stock chicken and cabin design. I just did a search to find ones that weren't too expensive. You could always scan in your image and print them yourself on sticker paper.
Nice label.
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Yeah.. I had planned on printing on sticker paper and sticking them on unless we went the 'brochure' route. I used to work at a print shop and have a bunch of sticker paper left and as long as I stick with grayscale art it will be pretty cheap. I'm not overly artistically inclined but its supposed to look kinda silly.. just didn't know if it was too ridiculous looking.
It is adorable. And Kansaseq has a good point, but I find the two lines coming from the coop a bit distracting. Not the roof, the ones over and under the chicken's head.
Good Luck with your venture.
That's adorable! Got to have the ramp, but maybe take out the little overhang/pop door line?
I'd take out the ramp and door lines and have a few less lines in the cloud through Glouster and over by the end of the word farms. Would make it easier to read.

cute as a button though.
I like your labels
but... you might want to check your local regs. here in Maryland we're required to register the flock and have certain info included on the label including name and address, even for roadside stands.

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