Anyone want to guess what breed these are?:jumpy


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I ordered mostly breeds to be selected by the hatchery and at 5 days old there aren't enough feathers for me to even make a guess. Anyone out there who wants to suggest what some of these birds are. I know I have 3 Mottled Cochins and one Silkie who right now is almost all black. Some of these birds are looking for names too. LOL
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I hope you are right she came from Meyer Hatchery and Silver Sebright is one of the choices in their clean legged bantams. I would love to have one.
I don't know, but please becareful with the newspaper. It's slippery and can cause splay leg. Paper towel works much better.
The little black ones with white spots on their heads are barred rocks or dominiques. Rocks have single combs, dominiques have rose combs. So watch their combs, that will tell you. I see a little Rhode Island red, the red baby with chipmunk stripes. The little penguin-looking one looks like an australorp to me. The little one that looks like a silver sebright could also be a silver-spangled hamburg, but I'm agreeing with sebright so far. Maybe a golden sebright too. Otherwise, not sure. Have fun!
A blue would be nice but any colour is fine with me I love Silkies. There are 7 bantams (3 Mottled Cochins and 1 Silkie) and 6 brown egg laying standard breeds.
If it's a silver sebright, he/she will be beautiful. The silver sebright is next on my to get list.

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