Anyone want to take a guess?

PS i am just guessing by the colors i see, i really could not tell you for sure what they came out of to get all these different colors except the colors can be related when breeding certian genetics.
Bird #1: Looks like maybe a peach split to white or dark pied.
Bird #2: ______ Blackshoulder split to white or dark pied. Not sure about the color...Maybe opal?
Bird #3: Looks like this one is split to white or dark pied as well perhaps. Blackshoulder too. Color is cameo?
Bird #4: Definitely a pied. I am going to guess a peach. Could this even be a spalding peach pied?
Bird #5: Is this one silver pied? Silver pied uhm...something! I guess I will just say Peach Silver Pied.

I cheated a little and used this page for help, but I don't know if it really helped:

These pale peafowl colors drive me crazy. I don't know how some of you do it...
A little background is in order here. We don't "know" for sure what any of them are but I am pretty sure what a few of them are. We normally mark eggs and separate them as they hatch so we can keep track of what each bird is when we tag them. This year started off so poorly that we decided to not quit marking eggs and just be surprised by what we got. We do have some interesting lineage birds so we occasionally get something surprising that we grow out.

Bird #1 and Bird #2 are identical birds and were hatched out of eggs that were not mine. I found the chick marked as Bird #1 when visiting another farm. The chick was born to parent that were all india blue and were not black shoulder. We bought the rest of the eggs during the season and hatched one more identical bird. They both look like Bird #2 now.

Bird #3 we also have two of. They came out of one of our young pens. I think they are Spalding Bronze BS but your opal is an interesting guess as we do have an opal silver pied pen that is split BS. Why would you guess Opal?

Birds #4 and #5 are unexpectedly light birds from either cameo or purple pens. The purple pen has no white or pied genetics so they have to come out of the cameo pen. I have been told those birds have no peach genetics so they must be cameo pied and cameo silver pied. They are just lighter than some other birds.
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I guessed Opal for bird #2. I guessed Opal because it looked light and grey to me. I don't know opal was sort of a random guess.

You will have to keep us updated with pictures as they get bigger.

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