Anyone whittle? (sp?) I need ideas! Please!

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by chicken_angler, Mar 3, 2009.

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    Okay i got a beginners whittling knife from this woodcarving store on Saturday. It is pretty sharp. *I already but myself with it* haha

    So I was wondering if anyone else here carves?

    If you do, could you please tell me what was one of the first things you made and maybe post a few pictures of it if you can!


  2. bantamfan

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    Nov 20, 2008
    Hi Guy; I'm a carver, and have lots of tools. I carve caricatures, which is funny, comical people, mostly cowboys, and ranch animals.
    One of the best places to get wood carving supplies is "Wood Carvers Supply", they'll send you a cool catalog. Look em up on the net. They sell plans, supplies, including woods to carve, and they also cut out figures on a saw, and you can get these, and save lots of carving if you don't own a saw. Bass wood is a favorite carving mediium, and they sell the woods you need. I live in Arizona, and I also use Aspen wood I get off the forests in the mountains, it's softer than bass wood, but less expensive for me as I get it when camping or being on the forest. I also use bass wood.
    There are lots of places that sell wood carving supplies, and may be one near you, so check the net and find one. A great magazine I take that gives lots of instructions, and how to articles is "wood carving Illustrated". The catalogs, like the one I mentioned all have lots of books for beginners and experts alike that really make this hobby a blast. I carve birds also, and one can get feet and eyes to go with the carvings which make it way to much fun. If ya need any more help, just let me know. Glad to help.

    Bantam fan
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    A couple of years back I tried carving...just a picture in a peice of 1"x8" wood about a foot long. I found some basic carving instructions online and used a coloring book picture of a wolf howling at the moon to try. I don't have it anymore, but you know it really didn't turn out too bad! It is a relaxing hobby, but I moved on to other things. Have fun with it!

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