anyone willing to sell mixed fertile eggs to the Adirondacks-New York?


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11 Years
Mar 16, 2009
onchiota NY
I'm new at this whole thing-I hope Im posting to the right forum?? My family and I are looking to buy fertile eggs..2 dozen? very mixed batch from 1 person? Is that possible? We are looking for an incubator to buy too. When we do that-I would love to email the seller to say send em my way so we can start our new family....I would pay in advance so you wouldn't have to worry-we're just very excited to do this as soon as possible...ANyone willing to help and let me know what you have and how much-I would even be willing to travel within reason to pick them up? This way I don't have postal nightmares :)


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Dec 16, 2008
I am in New Rochelle NY and was just about to post that I had eggs from my mixed flock that I was saving but the persons bator is full and cant take them now. If thats not to far you could drive, or the shipping should be pretty easy on them from such a short distance. $15 for a dozen and $22 for the 24 eggs shipped

My roo is a rumpless Araucanas from a blue egg and I have RIR, Golden Cometts, Light Brahma, and EE's in with him.

PM me if you are interested.

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