Anyone With "Reich's Golden Reds" (Reich Poultry Farms, PA)


Mar 8, 2018
So I'm trying to decide between ordering 15 Rhode Island Reds or 15 "Reich's Golden Reds." I feel pretty safe ordering from Reich's Poultry Farms (Marietta, PA); they're Amish, they're old fashioned, they have a long and good reputation, and I have a relative who lives in the area and knows them. But... while I feel very happy ordering sexed pullets from them, I'm curious as to what exactly a "Golden Red" would turn out to be. Is it a RIR x Delaware or Leghorn? Is it a RIR x w/something else? Is it basically similar to "Golden Comets" or "Red Stars" in looks, temperament, and egg laying as Google seems to suggest?

Personal feedback and photos, please? Cheers!!!
I know this post is 2 yrs old, but did you go with the golden reds? I'm looking to add to my flock and was curious about them too.

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