rhode island reds

  1. C

    Chicken Farmer Pastor

    I have Rhode Island Reds and love taking good care of them. They lay eggs every day and are fun to be around.
  2. W

    New to owning chickens

    Covid hit and we knew it was time to become more self sufficient... what better way than to buy chickens?! I bought 5 Heritage Rhode Island day old chicks from a local farmer. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme and Dill. Dill died almost right away. I have no idea why. Almost 10 weeks later now and...
  3. H

    Chicken crowing... also what breeds are these?

    Hello all! I’m relatively new to raising chickens and I initially bought 6 “Rhode Island reds” from a shady shop here in San Diego. He said they were a little over a week old when I bought them, and now we’ve had them for 12 weeks, so I’m guessing the big ones are around 13-14 weeks now. The...
  4. Sorry It’s Been A Long While

    Sorry It’s Been A Long While

    Sorry it’s been a long while since I last posted. Let me give you an update on their progress. My chickens are doing great. We used to have 11 chickens but two died. The two that died were Fidget the Silkie and Martha the Faverolle chicken. We had to sell the white cockerel male, which I renamed...
  5. CalBickieMomma

    Hello! I'm new!

    Hello everyone! I'm a new member of BackYard Chickens, but I've been visiting your forums on and off over the years. Thought I should make it official in case I have some advice/help to offer ;). I'm not brand new to chickens at all. I had pet chickens while growing up, then took a break...
  6. J

    JacJac is back.

    Hello everyone. It's been over 45 years and I'm getting back to raising poultry - chicken (and ducks soon), as allowed by ordiance and zoning here. After being a traveling nurse - wound care specialist, caring for humans, for over 40 years, I'm finally retired???AND differently-abled (it's a...
  7. G

    Chicken breeds

    I have a thai rooster and some of my hens, for example, are Rhode Island Reds and Blue Orpingtons. I was wondering if it was possible to breed them? If so, does anybody know an example outcome?
  8. F

    One RIR Left

    Hi All! This is my first post so hopefully I cover everything here necessary to get some help. Thanks for letting me join this great community! We got our first RIRs a little over a year ago now and things were going great so we decided to introduce two more two months ago. We purchased the...
  9. TheGreenManFarm

    Anyone With "Reich's Golden Reds" (Reich Poultry Farms, PA)

    So I'm trying to decide between ordering 15 Rhode Island Reds or 15 "Reich's Golden Reds." I feel pretty safe ordering from Reich's Poultry Farms (Marietta, PA); they're Amish, they're old fashioned, they have a long and good reputation, and I have a relative who lives in the area and knows...
  10. One Chick Two

    Lovely and FRIENDLY Good laying Hatchery RIR flock for sale in Napa

    We have been breeding our hatchery RIR for 4 years, choosing the hens with the best laying abilities, and solid bodies with the best type. Even though these are not heritage birds, for ex- hatchery birds, these are a good looking bunch of birds that lay extremely well, and have AMAZING, friendly...
  11. M

    New Chicken Momma

    Hi All, Hubby and I grew up on small "farms" - I know how to milk a cow and he can ride a horse like no one's business - well, that was then and this is now. Our 3 kids are sorta self-sufficient so we were looking for a little "excitement" on a Sunday and were perusing the aisles of our local...
  12. ChrisLehrer

    RIRs in MetroWest Boston?

    Hoping to get 6 finished young RIR hens, to start a new flock. The BYC hatchery lists don't show anything in Massachusetts. Thanks!
  13. czarinapl

    Help! Chicks dying like flies .... :(

    Hi there, I am new to keeping chicks, and my first week of experience has been extremely disheartening. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated. tl;dr 2 out of 6 4-week-old chicks have died, 2 look like they're at death's door. Providing they survive, can I safely integrate the 2...
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