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With prices getting higher & times getting tougher, I've been toying with the idea of finding another job (I currently work 40+ hours per week, already). We're not struggling, but since our finances are now combined) I only get about $50 "allowance¨ each month which is for any time I'd like to go out to lunch with colleagues or get my hair or nails done, but I'm not supposed to be spending it on chickens or eggs. Anyway, employment here (at least REAL employment) is extremely hard to find, not to mention "town" is a good 40 minute drive from our house (round trip). My husband has taken on three coaching jobs on top of his teaching job, which helps, but that still doesn't leave me with any spendin' money for my chickens. We try to end up with $400-$500 at the end of each month, still leftover, just in case and we also have another savings account that we have direct deposit $150 into each month. This is for vet bills, unexpected house repairs, etc. But hubby doesn't allow me to touch those, especially for anything poultry-related. Sighs.

I currently sell my soap which does okay, but it still costs me almost $1.50 per bar to make so by the time I sell a bar, I maybe make $2 or so. My drawings I do have slowed WAY down because no one has an extra $50 to spend on custom pet portraits at this time and it takes me a few days of several sessions to do each one so I hate to lower the prices any more on those just because of my personal time invested in each one. The rest of my spendin' money comes from my hatching eggs & occasional poultry sales. However, nearly all of that money goes directly back into the feed of my birds, heat bulbs, shavings, my website etc. I currently have a hundred or so saved up for my coops I'm planning to do next spring, but I need more.

My husband suggested I get a part-time job for my chicken obsession. However, I'd end up spending more in gas than I'd probably be making & I hate leaving home more than I have to & dealing with people. HA. I have a degree in Equine Science but it is not doing me any good. I've looked online for work-from-home jobs but they all seem fishy or they ask for money up front. I don't want to spend any money for products or anything and I don't want to do anything illegal or morally questionable.

Any ideas? A friend of my MILs does those fleece knotted blankets & biscotti that she sells online along with soy candles. She does it on the weekends & sells some of it on eBay. I guess she makes nearly $500 a month (on a good month) another person she works with sells baked dog treats online.

I guess it goes back to money, though because everything costs money to make money!
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Apr 19, 2008
sorry,couldnt even read your whole post,what is with the punctuation and wierd commas?..not to be rude but it makes for hard reading..anyway,40 minutes round trip isnt bad at all..You surely wont spend all your profits on gas with a part time job in town..

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