Anyway to tell if it is a hen or a rooster early on?


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Nov 28, 2020
Anyone have any signs that have proved true to tell if the chic is a hen or a rooster? We tend to have 6 months of debate before we can tell. We usually give the roosters away or trade them for food but I would like to have an earlier start in finding them homes sooner. Last time we had about 7 roosters in the coop and it caused all types of problems.
8 weeks you can get a fairly good idea.
3 months and you should be able to tell for sure.
Ages of your birds? Photos?
Right now we only have two that aren't identified yet... will post a pic on Monday if I can but they are only 4 weeks. I am in city and don't have a good pic of them on my phone
Read this. It's the best thread or article I've seen as far as the basics.

The problem is that each one is an individual. Some (very very few but some) I can tell at hatch. I've had some over 4 months old that I wasn't sure. You do get better with practice. I can usually say for sure that one is a boy better than I can say for sure that one is a girl, but not always.

If you post photos it helps to have one close-up of the head showing the size and color of the combs and wattles, if any. A second photo showing the legs, posture, and body shape can be really helpful. At four weeks a shot of the tail, saddle, and hackle feathers isn't going to help much but could with older chickens. In some ways it is a science but there is a lot of art involved too.
Thanks everyone for the responses. I am not sure what kind of chickens we have. Here we say Creole... mixed breeds acclimatized to our area. I try to avoid the specific breeds because they are more expensive and get sicker easier. One is a Rhode Island Red I believe. But she doesn't brood. I will get some pics this week and post them when I come back down if I can't from the farm

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