Apple Cider or Apple Juice ???


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Jan 23, 2010
If you just squeeze the apples for the liquid.. how is some juice and some cider?
I would like to try and make cider. Is there an easy way other than buying a press?
I think cider is with the pulp and juice is strained. I have only heard of this being done with a press. Try googling this maybe.

Good luck!
Juice is filtered. Cider is not. Both are pressed from chopped up apples. You don't want to press apples without chopping/crushing first you won't get as much juice. I have seen people use a garbage disposal (you have to build a stand for it) for chopping the apples, it seems to work really well. You can make a homemade press with a hydrolic car jack and a heavy duty constructed wooden stand. There are youtube videos demonstrating the process on the internet.
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