application of sevin for lice/mites

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    Apr 22, 2010
    is there an easier way than chasing each chicken down and shaking them in a pillow case, i just spent 5 hours chasing down maybe 50 of our 75ish chickens, on a nice GA morning( meaning already 85 with 90% humidity, when i finally gave up and poured the rest of the sevin powder in thier favorite dust bath spots, they can take of it themselves. i know that a few of them had mites or lice ( the small thin brown ones which is that?) however most that i got ahold of didnt have anything on them at all, so now my main concern is worms, which they are definatly due for. If it was only the lice, how long after the treatment should they start to perk up and flesh out a bit. i know i have to get them again in 10 days, which is gonna mean a weekday after work when its even hotter... oh fun. so to summerize...

    is there an easier way than shaking in a pillow case, and how long until they start feeling better.

    p.s. those 75 are fully enclosed in about 1600 SQ FT with i nice big leanto for shelter food and roosts... i dont have an actual "coop" that i can lock them in and catch them easier...

    also... used the sevin-5 powder
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    You know, I've had that same thought, and I only have 4 chickens. How about doing it at night when they are quiet/sleeping?

    Imp-The vision of chasing down 50 chickens sounds movie worthy. [​IMG]
  3. LOL, That`s it ! Pick them off the roost at night, hold them upside down, by the legs. Use a cheese shaker, like in an Italian restaurant and shake Sevin all over the bird, trying to avoid the head. Fluff the feathers with your hand and go for another one. Works good, unless you have a severe infestation, then you used Adams Flea and Tick Dip..........Pop
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    I hate the chasing to powder them. I put the powder in the coop & nesting boxs after every cleaning then put the shavings in. I also put the powder where they take their dust baths. so far it has been working .

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