April Fools 2016 - New Development: Chicken Feed That Changes Egg Shell Color!

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    SAN FRANCISCO, California - For hundreds of years chicken breeders have excitedly worked towards developing chicken breeds that lay a specific unique egg color. Today we're excited to announce the development of a type of feed that can change a white egg-layer's egg-shell color to one of 4 (four) different colors: dark brown, pale green, pale pink, or pale blue.

    "We have thousands of amazingly passionate chicken owners on our community forum that wish they could have a more colorful egg basket", said Rob Ludlow, owner of www.BackYardChickens.com. "They just want to get a bit more variety from their nest boxes, but aren't sure which breeds to get or which color eggs they will end up preferring. After years of testing and development, and thousands of trials, we've finally found a solution to this problem, and we're excited to release the news!"

    Background: Egg yolk color can be controlled to some extend by chickens' diet. The question then became: "Is it possible to take that a step further and also change the egg's shell color?!" After posing this question to a handful of avian experts that specialize in chicken egg development, BYC management approached a well known feed company with the challenge to develop a feed that will, over time, change a white egg-shell laying hen and transition them into laying one of four predetermined colors.

    After years of trials and testing, a recently documented set of 500 White Leghorn hens were separated into the following groups of 100 hens:
    1. Group 1: Control Group - Fed a non-adjusted version of the feed
    2. Group 2: Dark Brown Group - Fed the Dark Brown version of the feed
    3. Group 3: Pale Green Group - Fed the Pale Green version of the feed
    4. Group 4: Pale Pink Group - Fed the Pale Pink version of the feed
    5. Group 4: Pale Blue Group - Fed the Pale Blue version of the feed

    Each group was fed this feed exclusively for a period of 6 weeks. The change in egg shell color was gradual and the examples shown below are from hens that have been fed this feed for 2 months.

    (The examples shown below are from the White Leghorn hens from the groups mentioned above.)

    Additional details on the product will be posted in a follow-up release tomorrow. We anticipated some of these questions, so here are the topics that will be discussed in detail tomorrow:

    1. Which company is BYC partnering with?
    2. When will this feed be available?
    3. Is the feed safe?
    4. How does the feed change the egg-shell color?
    5. Is the feed organic?
    6. How long will it take for my white egg-laying hen to return to white eggs after I stop feeding this special feed?
    7. What happens if I feed the egg-changing color to a non-white egg-laying hen?

    Again, these questions, and others, will be answered in detail tomorrow. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to post them as replies to this thread!

    YOUR HELP NEEDED: We're looking for a good name for this product and the feed company wants our BYC Members to propose some names. The lucky member(s) who have their suggested name(s) chosen, will receive 5 free 20lbs bags of feed, plenty to convert your white egg-layers into a color of your choice! Please reply to this thread with your proposed product name and also any questions/comments you may have. A representative of the feed company will answer all questions tomorrow.
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    Africa - near the equator

    "Rainbow shell" or "Rainbow eggs"

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    "The chameleon feed ״

    "The spectrum feed"

    " prism feed"
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    Apr 19, 2014
    this could be big i also would like to know the answers of the questions above
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    Dec 12, 2013
    If the feed got all mixed together, would you end up with tie dyed egg colors?

    That would be sweet!
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    Apr 19, 2014
    will this be in all countries or just america and some other parts?
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    Chromatic Chicken Feed.

    Hope I win the free feed, of course. [​IMG]
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    Apr 19, 2014
    i was also thinking the same rainbow color eggs or something like that
  9. chickenshiha

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    Apr 19, 2014
    i have some brown and green layers i want see if this works on them or just whites layers
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    "esters hen feed" (or Easter .. hen feed) ..
    "esters chicken feed" (or Easters chicken feed)
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