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Dec 26, 2006
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Yes, this was the Best April Fools Day EVER!!!

Dang it has been a super fun day… what a hoot! My wife and I have been laughing like crazy since this began last night arount 10:30 pm.

This April Fools has been a year in the making since our last April Fools day prank:


So, did you discover the things we changed on the BYC Forum?

Here is what I changed last night:

1. I changed the setting for the “Online timeout” (the number of minutes a user must be idle before being removed from the online users list.) from 15 minutes to 24 hours. This was really fun to see how many active members we have signed up within a 24 period: 1,182 member and 7,209 guests!!!
2. I changed all the moderators’ titles to member and members’ titles to moderator.
3. I banned Cynthia (the #1 poster on the forum)

We (all the BYC Staff… we’be been planning this for a while) went into this thinking people would be confused about the title changes and maybe even baffled that our beloved Cynthia would be banned! Well, within minutes we realized that people thought the forum had been hacked. KStaven and I were the only staff online so we quickly reacted. He had the great idea to change a few names (he started the whole thing by changing the first handful of titles) and then I set myself to “banned”.

It all spun into craziness from there. The rest of the staff jumped in quickly and began changing titles left and right. It was fun to see people guessing what was going on. Even more fun to see people who thought I was changing all the titles myself (yeah, like I have that kind of time).

Also, contrary to many of the posts, the “cleanup” of this will actually be very easy (exactly how I planned it). Here’s what will happen:

1. I’ll change the default “Moderator” and “Member” titles back (3 minutes)
2. I’ll delete all the custom titles (don’t worry, I’ve got all of them copied and will post them below)
3. I’ll change the online timeout back to 15 minutes

Some of you have expressed sadness to see the fun titles go away. Unfortunately this must happen, BUT we’ve got a fun idea to help keep this alive. See more details here: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=448405

like to link to all of the threads that spun out of this crazy day… I’m going to post links below. If I miss some, please reply and post a link to the thread I missed related to this April Fools gag.

Congratulations to the BYC members and staff for making this an April Fools day to remember forever! Also a big thanks to everyone who played along and helped the BYC Staff prove that this forum is a perfect balance between education and having fun. This is what makes www.BackYardChickens.com the best chicken community in the universe!

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@migocontodos~ You ain't Todd
I certainly enjoyed it
I can't believe HOW much time I MADE available just to sit on this forum in the last 24 hrs! I needed a pick-me-up and you guys did great. (as ususal!)

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