April Fools 2021 - Coming Soon! Local BYC Physical Store, Café, & Meet-up & Community Center

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Happy April Fool's day everyone! :)

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We're VERY excited to finally, and officially announce an amazing project we've been working on for the last 6 months!

BYC will be opening it's very first physical store called "Backyard Chickens Store & Community Center"!!!


BYC has always been the best place online to not only learn how to raise chickens, but has become an incredible place to make new friends. Over the last year during the world-wide pandemic, our online community has become even more important for people experiencing loss of connection by providing a way to socially interact with others near and far.

We are very optimistic about the world's ability to defeat this pandemic and increase social connecting in a less-distanced way. This being the case, we see a great opportunity to branch-out from an "online only" community, to also provide in-person options to connect with like-minded peeps.

As you can see below, we'll be building out our first physical location. We want our BYC Center to be a mix of coffee shop, poultry supply shop, and a meet-up for our members to get together in person.

Our BYC Center will provide:
  • BYC branded items like those you can find in our online store.
  • A small variety of the most important chicken supplies
  • Seasonal in-stock baby-chicks, and year-round group chick-orders
  • Café including coffee, tea, and other human treats
  • Seasonal "How To" classes for those entering into raising backyard chickens
  • Regular in-person "Chickenstocks" where local BYC members can meetup, have some treats, and continue their online friendships in-person.
  • A handful of computers with connections to the BYC forum so you can message your peeps while you enjoy items from our Café
  • Interactive international video chat - Basically "zoom" for BYC members. Drop into our center, walk up to one of our booths, and chat in-person with BYC members from all over the world that are online
BYC Café:
Come order-up your favorite coffee with flavors inspired by the poultry we all love to keep. Try a Rhode Island Red Eye for that extra caffeine kick. How about a Light Leghorn Latte, or even a Coco Cochin Cappuccino for an extra special treat. All served up in the famous BYC mugs!

Expansion & Opportunity:
We're extremely optimistic that the first BYC Center will be a success! In fact, once we've perfected the model, we will be establishing geographic zones and creating franchise opportunities for our members that are looking to partner with us and who would be interested in running their own small local BYC Center.

Location Information:
While we aren't able to share the exact location of our first BYC Center, but we're very pleased to have found a "diamond in the rough" that is located in a very central and popular geographic location in the US.

Here is a picture of the BYC Center location when we first purchased it:
(it's a bit rough around the edges, but we got a fantastic deal, it's a great space, and is in a wonderful spot!)

Here is a mock-up we're working on for the design of the BYC Center (click for larger):


Please post any questions, comments, or suggestions below.

Also, if you're interested in getting on our list of potential franchisee consideration, let us know in the replies below... and please mention which city / state you would like to reserve (first-come-first-reserved).

This is a new exciting time and opportunity for BYC and our members! We hope to be up and running by this Fall, 2021. This would never be possible if not for all the wonderful members who have made BYC the best online, and soon-to-be also the best in-person place for everything related to BackYard Chickens!
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How exciting! I can’t wait to see the finished result :)

It's been a TREMENDOUS amount of work, but we've got an amazing team working on it!!!

We'll be posting in-process pictures and updates as we go through the remodel and construction process.

We've thought about having a live webcam, but not sure our contractors would like millions of people watching over their shoulders! LOL!
One of the things I am most excited about is our video conferencing system. Initially it will link a video chat system between people at the store, and people throughout the world on their phones or computers, but eventually we would like to see all the stores interconnected with huge TV screens where people can come and go visiting with friends all over the world in different store locations!
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