April Fools - New BYC Store Product: The EggCell !!


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Dec 26, 2006
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We're super excited to finally announce a project we've been working on diligently since the middle of last year!

The BYC EggCell

Background: Over the years we've realized that a HUGE part of what makes BYC the largest and fastest growing community of chicken enthusiasts in the world is the wonderful sociality shared by our members. We've witnessed hundreds, if not thousands, of life long friendships develop on our forum. Unfortunately, textual communication can only do so much. While we all love spending time on the forum typing away to our friends, there is just too much we loose out on by missing tonality in voice communication.

For this reason we've developed and are officially announcing "BYC EggCell"!!!

We were hoping to make the announcement earlier in the year, but wanted to make sure all the patents were finalized.

The final units are still in early stages of production and won't be available for sale until early July. We'll start with a limited production run and will offer the first units to the Golden Feather Members. From there we will offer the phones to the rest of our community based on a calculation of how long you've been a member and how many posts you've made (NOTE: This will not include posts in the "Random Ramblings" section of the site)

In an effort to keep the price of the phone as low as possible, we're working with the BYC Sponsors on a program that will allow them to display super special deals that will only be available for EggCell owners. In exchange for this advertising opportunity the price of the phone will only be about $15! Note: We will have an option for those that don't want to have the advertising to pay the difference.

The phone will be tied to your BYC account so whenever you get a call from a BYC friend their Avatar & username will show up on the screen. If you receive calls from non-BYC members, the phone's caller ID will function like any other cell phone.

BYC EggCell Rate Plan:
Nationwide Local & Long Distance throughout the US and Canada.
$25 - 300 Anytime Minutes / month
$40 - 600 Anytime Minutes / month
$65 - 1,500 Anytime Minutes / month
$105 - Unlimited Anytime Minutes / month

Unlimited BYC member to BYC member calling worldwide.
FREE Night and Weekend Minutes are included with all packages. (Nights and Weekends starting at 6PM)
All phones require a 1 year agreement

Included Calling Features:
Voice Mail
3 Way Conference Calling
Call Waiting

As mentioned above, the final units are still in production, but here is the prototype that I've been using for the past few weeks:

Once the items are available for pre-order we'll send out a note to all the GFMs and then to the entire community.

As always, if you have any questions, please post them here!

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Dec 26, 2006
California - SF East Bay
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Great question regarding the "Family Plan"! We went back and forth on this and ended up deciding that it wasn't necessary because the entire family should be on BYC anyway which means 100% unlimited talk time!


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Sep 28, 2008
OmGosh.. I have to have one... I have no cell phone at all so this would be PERFECT for me.. what are the ringtones.. rooster crowing.. peeping hens... bocking egg song???

Hook me up.. I want one... let me know as soon as i make the cut (providing I do

Just another note.. They could be offered in different breeds... like americauna and Marans.. he he (that opens up sooo many possibilities) and olive eggers.. he he
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May 3, 2008
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I'll have to pass till the next version is out.

It needs roll over minutes, access to byc and sister sites. and a 50k+ phone book with all the byc members listed with unlimited memory upgrades with the way this place grows

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