April Hatch-a-long.....who else sat eggs this month or going to???????


7 Years
Sep 3, 2012
Lawtey Florida
I am setting 40 eggs 4-21-2013. I would like to know if anyone else is setting eggs this month. would love to hear from you and see some pics that you may have.
I will be posting photos later after i get all my eggs in. I look forward to hearing and seeing pics from you guys.
I set mine a few minutes after midnight on the 17th.
I am using an LG still air. I do have a turner in it. I set 6 Ameraucana eggs, 1 EE, and 7 BCM.
I don't know who the baby daddy is for the Ameraucana eggs, so I am just going to go with EE chicks. Later on, I may find that the father of most or all was the Am rooster. Or that the RIR got more action than I thought!
I live in PA, so I am familiar with SallySunshine. Her "hatching eggs 101" has a lot of information. I still manage to stump her.

I have candled twice. I do have veining in the eggs I have checked. Tonight will be 10 days, so I will candle all of them tonight. So far I have only tried 3. The BCM was too dark, the EE had the good veining, and the Am looked like it had a blood ring. I was told that if I see veining, I am probably not seeing a blood ring.
So, I will post again tonight or tomorrow. If I remember to, that is.

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