Araucana or Ameraucana or EE??


9 Years
Sep 23, 2010
Freeville, NY
Hi - this is my girl Rocky - she's got gorgeous silver gray feathers and lovely muffs/tufts on her face - this is the best pic I could get of her ( a little blurry) as she is the fastest of my girls and is not easy to get a pic of! She has very cool legs - half the reason I picked her! They are silver-dark greyish and depending on the light, look a little eggs yet....she's about 24 weeks old. I will try and get a better pic tonight

I was told she is an Araucana, but I thought they don't have a tail?

She looks like an Easter Egger to me. Is she hatchery stock? They often sell their EE's as Ameraucana, though they really are mixes.
Nope - I bought her off a small farm in a nearby town...I love her no matter what she turns out to be casue she really is gorgeous,
just curious to know what I actually have and what color eggs I might expect to get...I will try and take a better pic of her tonight so you can see her little face muffs...which are fantastic when she looks straight at you!
She looks like a silver ameraucana. Does she have a bit of salmon coloring on her breast?

Did the person breed ameraucanas and maybe you heard wrong??? She could still be an easter egger.

She is not a Quechua, if a person was breeding them, they would know.
She's a Easter Egger.

Araucanas have tufts &/or tailless & lays a blue egg, which are a few feathers growing out their ear, with no beard, Araucanas ideally should have no tail & tufts but you can have a clean face tailed bird, but you will never have a beard. If you are buying a Araucana look for a breeder who says they have "True Araucanas."


Ameraucanas may look like EE's but are a true breed that has a set type, colors & always lays a blue (not green) egg. Ameraucanas are always bearded, never clean faced & always have slate colored legs. When looking to buy a Ameraucana look for a breeder that says:
1. Says they have Ameraucana
2. Tells you the colors they breed that you can look up in the breed standard & size, They come in large fowl & bantam as do the Araucana & EE's
3. Always say "blue egg" & never says green or "ish" anything.
4. Dose not ever say Araucana/Ameraucana...ever, Dead give away to a EE mutt from a hatchery.

Both Araucana & Ameraucana are still rare breeds & as of yet no hatchery has them.


EE's are fancy mutts...plain as that, they can lay just about any color eggs most offen a greenish blueish & are known for having gray legs & having both bearded & clean faced birds. EE's can be anything crossed with something that lays a blue/green/ name it egg.

See both breeds & Easter Eggers (which are not a breed) at FeatherSite
I dont' think she has any salmon on her, but I will check tonight when I get home from work...I am pretty sure about she said Aracuana, I did send an email to find out but have not heard back...

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