Araucana poop has blood and Black Australorp pecking lavender Araucana's eyes!


5 Years
Oct 6, 2014
So i just got two Araucana Pullets (5weeks old) and i introduced them to my two Black Australorp chicks (unknow sex at this stage).

After a while mingling, one of the Black Australorp chicks (4 weeks old) started pecking at my lavender Araucana! how do i stop this?

Also on a different note one of my Araucana's is showing blood in it's poop, i have booked them in to see a vet but in the meantime how do i clean blood off it's feathers? is it a simple "shower" under the tap or...?

Cheers for your help
It might be hard to stop the chicks from pecking at your Araucana's eyes, since the usual pecking-deterrents (blue-kote, etc.) can't be applied directly to eyes. The best option would be to remove your Araucana chick (possibly with your other Araucana, for company) and try introducing them at an older age.

As for the blood in the droppings, I would immediately start your chicks on a round of Corid to treat for Coccidiosis. Coccidiosis can progress rapidly, and is a major cause of death of young chicks if untreated. I would try to clean the blood away with some warm, soapy water.
Thanks for the reply, I'll separate them then and reintroduce in a few weeks and see what happens, hopefully they stop .. and for Coccidiosis is that when the blood droppings are being consistent or just here and there as i've looked at their droppings this morning and none have signs of blood. Also can chickens poop out blood when stressed? as i noticed it when i was carrying them in the box on the way home from the original owner's house.

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