Araucana thread anyone?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by megcpat, Jan 23, 2010.

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    Nov 25, 2010
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    Quote:I think it would be nice if hatcheries referred to their blue/green/whatever egg layers as EEs rather than sell them under them name of an established breed. That would reduce a lot of confusion. I don't think any hatchery would want to breed tufted/rumpless araucanas anyway, because of the lethality of the tufted gene, which would cut into profits. And the fact that even breeding tufted and rumpless parent stock can produced cleanfaced and/or tailed offspring, which would likely disappoint the customer when they get a box with few tufted/rumpless chicks.

    I totally agree with everything you said [​IMG]
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    Apr 12, 2008
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    My hatch rate soared when I went to the dry incubation method.
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    May 31, 2009
    I'm so new to this thread, please excuse any stupid questions from me.
    I've messaged with smoothmule and Lanae, though, so "Hi again!"
    Anyway, I took Lanae's instructions for a dry hatch in my homemade incubator, and I had 100% hatch rate with my own eggs (ameraucana/araucana mix), and had a couple hatch that were true araucana.
    I'm trying again with more eggs, because a predator got in to my brooder and left me heartbroken.
    And yes, I am using the dry method again.
    Does anyone know what their max temp has spiked to and not killed their eggs? I'm curious, because my latest batch of eggs were shipped during the heatwave, even though I asked him to wait a few days.
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    Jan 19, 2011
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    suzannaski, I wish I knew the answer as to how hot eggs can get before they aren't viable because the proteins denature. I'd suggest incubating anyway and removing non developers, and keep a keen nose out for any possible stinkers.

    In other news, I am spamming this thread with MORE chick pictures! I moved them into the coop and they've been in a dog kennel for a few days so my older pullets got used to them. Last night just after dusk I opened up the dog crate to release the chick, and was out there at dawn to make sure everything was alright. Thus far everyone is getting along very well! I keep checking on them every hour or so. So during one of the checks, it was picture time!

    Now that I can kinda tell their sexes and personalities, I am trying to come up with good names. I tend to like "theme" names, but am waffling on what theme to use for these little ones! 10/11 of the araucanas of this age are pictured. The one I couldn't get a decent picture was a tufted and tailed black chick.

    Almost 100% certain this pretty black chick is a boy! Chick 1

    Side view of same boy

    This rusty chick is also a boy. What is this color called? This one has already crowed for me! Chick 2

    Boy maybe, not sure Chick 3

    Another mystery color to me! Chick 4

    I am thinking "Fluffytuft" may actually be a lady now! I was thinking this chick was a boy. Time will tell. Chick 5

    Definitely a little girl! She is the smallest of the bunch. Chick 6

    What color is this girlie? Ginger? Chick 7

    This one's sex and color is a mystery too, heh. Chick 8

    This is definitely a splash boy and my favorite! He is so CHILL. As you can tell, he wasn't bothered in the least by picture time, and continued his nap! Chick 9

    Little blue tufted girl looking quite fluffy. Chick 10
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    May 17, 2011
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    Those are some mighty pretty chicks!
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    Apr 12, 2008
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    I never heard back from you, the eggs are still good to set but won't be much longer, do you want them or not? I need to give them away, set them myself or feed them to the dogs if they're not used soon
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    Jul 12, 2011
    Smoothmule, See you tomorrow! I'm very excited about the eggs!
  8. puredelite

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    This may be a little late response to the "dry-hatch" method question but my hatch rate did improve with my LG's using it. Also no more curley toes . Didn't see any increase in the % of tufted chicks tho! (LOL) Charlie
  9. Quirky

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    Apr 17, 2011
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    I need help. My two hens (6 months old) have chronic poop butt that has not responded to the vent trimming I've done. This morning I watched one of them squat like she was pooping, but I didn't see any feces drop to the ground. A minute later, I watched her lift her heiney in order to clean herself, and she had to knock the poop off her behind with her beak. This is not normal, and I am very concerned. I have washed and trimmed and washed and trimmed, and I don't know what else to do. Help, please.
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    Apr 12, 2008
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    It didn't work out to get the eggs to Rumbull yesterday, I thought I could deliver them to him but I ended up babysitting my grandson Jacob and didn't have the base to his carseat so I couldn't go into town. We'll get him some eggs when he gets back from his trip. I'm very happy to see more interested breeders in my area.

    Anyone hatching now? I'm still getting a few eggs. I broke up the broody hens, all 5 of them! I brought the eggs in and candled and set the good ones. It's been so hot that many of them were not fertile so I'll be eating their eggs for a while as I reorganize my pens again. I don't think the roosters were up breeding in 100 to 104 degrees. So, I had left some of the hens penned that were setting with no rooster so they would be ready for a new rooster.

    I had all my black hens in one coop and all were setting but one. Yesterday, I added all of my white/black/blue/splash chicks to that pen. It was their first day on the ground and did they ever love it, [​IMG] they were rolling and fluffing in the dirt before they even started looking around at their new home. I'll give them till fall then do a good evaluation for what I want to keep and try to keep just the best few for next year. I figure I'll focus on as many good points as I can but if one is just really nice but has some sort of fault, like a few tail feathers, I'll weigh that against what they will add to the flock. There is a very nicely built white pullet that really reminds me of Snowy that has 3 or 4 tail feathers and she already made the cut. I had given Blanco both of my white hens for now so I let Casper have this pen for now.

    The other pen is the mixed BBR, wild type, duckwing pen. This pen has a mish mash of hens and youngsters. My Maran hens are in there right now and my young cochin chicks besides the Araucana hens and the chicks that didn't match the other pen. All of the Araucana's in this pen are for sale, the young ones and the hens. There is at least one pullet, I think it's Lucy, that has laid one egg. It was very small, a little elongated and very blue [​IMG]

    I thought I would raise a few and decide which ones I wanted to work on but they decided for me since my whites and blacks are so much closer to standard than the others. There is still a lot of work but I think I can make a flock from the ones I have now that I can be proud of. I could keep the others for layers but I'd rather see them go to other breeders like me trying to get a start. They will be a little more of a challenge to work out the color issues but, in general, they're pretty decent for starters. Rudy will get to stay. He was my first and will get to share the Maran and Cochin hens with Bigfoot, my golden laced Cochin rooster that is only here to look pretty in the yard, [​IMG]. Rudy is an excellent free ranger so he'll be fine and he's as gorgeous as any rooster and quite a pet.

    I figure when it cools a little I'll hatch a few more to over winter and evaluate in the spring. Much later hatches and they won't be laying till fall 2012 so any kept will be only the best.

    Anyone here working on any projects? I have one that will work well with my black pen once it's where I want to see them. It will take a good long time but I have been hatching chocolate Serama's and my solid, sex linked recessive chocolate hen is large size for Serama's. My rooster is a chocolate carrier but is patterned. I'm hoping some of these chocolate chicks will be solid, especially a cockerel. Lots of work to do on this project and it will take a good lon time but I'll get there.

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