Are all Silkies bantams?


10 Years
Oct 4, 2009
Moorpark, CA
Well just barely started raising layer chickens and now I have a bunch of Silkie chicks on the way:p Question, are all Silkies bantams? I just realized I ordered Silkie bantams and if there were larger silkie I would prefer those actually...
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Large Fowl Silkies are not available in the USA right now. But, they do exist. Dont worry about the Bantam size, this will only give them more room.

Nope. Silkies come in Large Fowl and Bantam.
Don't be sorry you ordered those evil little ones, cute silkie bantams can make you to get more of em'.
There are a few breeders working on standard size Silkies. I have a few cocks that are like bulldogs, they are just big, broad and probably close to what a standard would be. They are very addicting little balls of fuzz.

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