are babies(humans) aloud to be around chicks?


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Hello y'all, I am a proud to be new aunty\(*0*)/ and am getting chicks soon\(*0*)/. I was wondering if it was safe to let her be around them? Do chicks/chickens carry any diseases that could get her sick? My sister(the new mom)wanted to keep little bit away from them till she was about 2. Is that really necessary? I would LOVE for my niece to be involved, but health before fun. Please reply soon, I'm getting my chicks in May and would love for my niece to meet them ASAP! Thanks in advance!!

Best not to have them in the same roo all the time but for
visiting and chasing around the yard it is alright ....
Thank you so much. I've been involved with chicks since I was 3 and chickens are my favorite animal, I want my little niece to be the same way. You can't tell many people that without them giving you 'a look', but this blog is awesome.
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Welcome to BYC!

Chicks right after hatch can carry salmonella from the hatching process. This wears off over time, but you should always wash your hands after handling freshly hatched chicks and never kiss them. Most diseases are species specific so what you carry can not be transferred to chicks and visa versa. So you are safe there.

Enjoy your new baby chicks and human babies, and welcome to our flock!
With proper hygiene, its not a problem. I introduced chicks to my 3 month old. He's now 14 months and he loves his chickens. Whenever he has a meltdown, a trip to see the chickens calms him right down

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