Are backyard chicken allowed in Hillsborough County?


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Jun 9, 2022
I want to built a backyard coop, but living in a HOA subdivision in Hillsborough County, FlORIDA! Can be a waste of money and big headaches! If anyone know the law or regulation to support our lovely passion please help me!!!
Before going through the trouble to determine if your county will allow it, first re-read your HOA agreement; most specifically exclude your ability to have any sort of poultry or farm animals on the property. Many HOAs go so far as to dictate regulations on typical pets as well, such as cats and dogs, limiting breed, weight, or quantity.
HOAs and You
Are you in Tampa, New Tampa, Temple Terrace, Lutz, Seffner, Brandon, Thonotosassa, Plant City, Town & Country... Not a lot of Hillsborough that isn't in a city anymore.
So you have HOA rules - if they say "No", you are done. You may have city/municipality rules - if they say "No", you are done, and then county rules, of which this is likely the most important to you.
I live in Hillsborough County. If you live in unincorporated Hillsborough County, you have have 5 hens with certain restrictions which you can read here: than five hens,enclosed coop at all times.

You need to check your HOA rules if you have an HOA because they can fine you. If you live in the City of Tampa you can have them but the restrictions are different. I do not know the rules for all the municipalities but it should be easy to Google.

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