Are bald eagles a threat?


Spicy Sugar Cookie
5 Years
Apr 26, 2017
My mom’s friend had a hawk hanging around her chicken pen and she prayed and an eagle swooped down, and grabbed the hawk. She got it on video! But idk if the eagle started eating her chickens. Eagles will eat your birds! Put them under trees, plant trees and bushes in their enclosure, or build shelters with pallets or drag branches into the pen (if it’s not a moveable pen, building shelters is a good option) and lay them on top of each other like underbrush for them to hide in.


Chook Snuggler
6 Years
Apr 3, 2015
Northwest Ohio - The Buckeye State!
Theoretically, yes, eagles can and will prey on your flock. Short and to the point.

However, I live in an area that is frequented by both hawks and eagles on a daily basis. Do you think I've experienced issues with eagles yet? Not a chance! If I had $1 for all the times pairs/lone eagles have flown over the property without so much as looking at our birds, I'd be pretty well-off.

This is not to say it'll never happen, but for now, the predator spotlight is on hawks (Northern Harriers and Red-Tailed, to be specific). I have lost more birds to them than any other poultry-ravaging creature. Let's just say they're HIGHLY blessed to be Federally protected. :duc



Feb 26, 2018
The North-Eastern Corner of Maryland
And if you have a small dog, watch out for those, too. Many years ago, I almost lost a little Shih Tzu to a bald eagle. Luckily, the eagle was young enough to be inexperienced and I was close enough to scream and run at it. Between us, we scared the "shih-tzu" out of my poor little dog, but at least it kept her from becoming lunch!

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