Are bears a problem?


May 20, 2015
Just had what sounded like an emergency here with a really distressed hen sound and squawking roosters. I ran to intervene and didn't see anything, so I went further up into the property. Way up in the distance I saw a black bear standing on its hind legs looking in my (and the chickens) direction. Nothing else except clucking turkeys between us. I did a head count, and everything is OK.

I know bears around here are pretty shy, so I imagine that he freaked and ran when the chickens started screaming. Are bears considered to be a predator of chickens? Apart from, let's say, getting into the chicken coop.

btw, I'm beginning to think that noisy chickens deter predators. There are lots of hawks around here, and some have gotten really close, but my chickens are VERY noisy (especially the roosters) and the hawks don't cause problems.


Feb 12, 2017
Fieldbrook, California
I live in Coastal Northern California. There are bears, raccoons, possums, skunks, hawks, coyotes, deer, elk, cougars, and other small critters around my house. So far I have just found the raccoons to be the biggest threat to chickens. I even had to put my rooster down after he tried to fight a deer and got his femur broken. However, the bears seem to be much more likely to go for berries, apples or trash than my chickens. It depends on the area but in my neighborhood they are much more opportunistic than predatory, generally the ones I see around my house are older and the younger ones stay away from people. Maybe get an air horn? More than likely, that would scare away the bear if it did try to come into the yard. I usually just give the bear a good telling off and it moseys on elsewhere ;).


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Jul 13, 2016
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it should say a food trough inspection! lol

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