Are Cats a problem?

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Oct 28, 2018
I recently got a new ragdoll cat. And I was wondering if he would be problem I have just started letting him out. So far he seems to be scared of the chickens but he is only small and I can't be watching him all the time. Is it common for cats to attack??? I do have 3 others and they don't attack but every cat is different. Should I let him near my hens? (I have 6). Or should I isolate him I really don't know! thanks for your help,
It's in their nature to stalk and attack birds. I would definitely proceed with caution. If you have a rooster it probably wont take more then one butt whooping from him to let the cat know where it stands. But it only takes one sounds (distress sounds from the birds) to alert their natural instincts. Keep an eye on the cats body language. If you cat is fixed it will most likely lose SOME of the hormones that make cats killing machines. Perhaps start it in a look but dont touch introduction. Place it in a wire dog kennel or something like that so you can observe his behavior with having to possibly remove a bird from its mouth.
We have 2 dogs a black lab and mix breed(I believe shes a dingo mix). The lab loves the girls, they are his ladies. The mix I have to watch, one squeal or odd behavior from the hens shes in kill mode. Any other time shes fine. She goes her way and they goes their way.
Hope that's helpful. Good luck.
Basically what people have said. I have one cat that's outdoors and she kills all sorts of rodents, but has never bothered the chickens. I wouldn't trust her around chicks, but my adult birds are pretty much her size. She ignores them and they show no concern for her.
We have three cats, a 10 year old boy and two 6 month old boys, all of which hang out around the chicken coop and run, some of which get in sometimes but never have any of them even attempted to stalk a chicken even in play. I know all cats can be different but we've been lucky. Our neighbors have a cat door in their chicken run and their 6 cats come and go as they please without incident. We have a lot of rodents in our rural area so it's definitely handy having mousers around, especially because chicken feed can often attract such things. Good luck! I think after a good pecking, if it ever came to that, things would sort themselves out.

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