Are chicks sensitive to a change in water?

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8 Years
Aug 21, 2011
Marysville, Ohio
My peeps are due to be delivered next week and I know I am overthinking everything. I had thought to start them on bottled water because well water can have some impurities including low levels of bacteria etc, but I'm wondering if I should just go ahead and start with the well water they will be drinking when they move to the coop? I know a change in water can cause problems with babies and some adults (diarrhea).

Think about it, unless you are willing to put these chicks into a sterile box where poop is instantly vaporized, they are going to be exposed to some bacteria anyway. That and you will be picking them up and hugging them and talking to them and .....

Okay, back, had to go play with the bob chicks.....

Anywho, give them the well water. It won't hurt 'em.
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