Are cochin roos "good" roos?


9 Years
Apr 29, 2013
I know every rooster is different, but I just want to get an idea of what a cochin rooster is like. How often do they crow? Are they considered "quiet" roosters? Are they generally gentleman to both their girls and you? If you haven't guessed already, we have a cochin cockerel. He hasn't made a peep probably because there is an older flock. He also isn't aggressive, just skittish right now. We're hoping to get our ordinances changed and I would like to keep Oliver.
We had two Cochin roos who were brothers. One, Speckle, was awful, he's the only rooster we've ever had who was mean, he would attack our legs. He lost his life to a skunk that he tried to challenge, the doofus!

His brother, Checker, was one of the sweetest roosters we've ever had. Gentle and very low on the pecking order. Devoted his whole self to protecting hens with chicks and the chicks after they'd been "weaned" by their moms...Checker would stay with them as much as he could til they were fully acclimated to free range. He was so quiet though that we eventually had to keep him in a tractor to protect him from the other roos. WE'd let him out every day under supervision. Gone now but we miss him greatly.

So yeah I think it depends on the individual, but I wouldn't hesitate to keep another Cochin roo if we had room.
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Oh, also, no, he wasn't quiet. He was Grand Champion of the crowing contest at our local fair, and runner up (second place) the year before that.

He was always a gentleman to the ladies. And when he was in the tractor they would hang around to keep him company.
So wait, was Checker quiet or not? Hopefully Oliver will be a minimal grower but who knows.
Oh I got confused because in your first reply you said someone was a quiet rooster.

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