Are D'uccles Loud??? Please Answer!!!!!!


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Dec 8, 2011
Okay, I have one d'uccle bantam hen named Cashew. She is super quiet compared to my silkie hen. My silkie hen is broody and I want her to hatch some d'uccle eggs. But the problem is that Cashew had crook neck as a baby, could that affect her noise level? I'm not supposed to have chickens where I live, but it's been almost a year now and nobody has mentioned the noise. So are they loud? On a scale of 1/10. And if they are too loud what bantam chickens are quiet anoff to keep in a neighbor hood? Thanks and please answer as soon as possible!!
My d'Uccles are the quietest chickens I have. My silkies are actually some of my loudest. Even my d'Uccle roo is quieter than my other roos.

Oh, and wry neck has nothing to do with how loud they are.
My little d'Uccle rooster is very quiet, he clucks softly from time to time; his crow is kinda loud, but not nearly as much as a big rooster. In general he is quiet, only crows in the morning about 4 times. Example: I had to keep my faverolle rooster in the kitchen in a dog crate due to an eye injury. When he flapped and crowed I almost had a heart attack

I currently have the d'uccle in the kitchen, and his crow is VERY tolerable. No louder than my squawking parrots at least
all roosters are noisy. but I think neighbors shouldn't be complaining about it.

EDIT: as for females, they are mostly quiet, but they make egg noises, and sometimes they can be loud... I have loud Rhode Island Reds just as loud as white Auranca hen.
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My d'Uccle hens never make a sound. My rooster has a high-pitched crow, but I wouldn't call it loud. He also doesn't crow very often. He crows at dawn and will do so for about a half-hour, and then he is quiet the rest of the day. Get some more-even if you do find you have a rooster that is loud, they are not hard to find a new home for-many people have never even heard of them! They are my favorites-very calm and quiet, and my rooster is a true gentleman!
I think it is more individual. Individuals within breeds, not breeds themselves. Important to remember! Even if the majority within a breed are quiet, the one you get would no doubt be the loudest ever. lol. Of my flock (BR,PR,BS,EE, silkies, and one d'uccle roo) my production reds are the loudest.Egg laying is extremely loud here. More noise than a roo could ever make crowing. IAnd I know, myy d'uccle crows continuously when my husband is anywhere nearby. If he hears my husband, he crows and crows and crows. He HATES my husband and will attack him. He also guards the property when someone comes down our gravel drive (which is infrequently) he will be right there with the two big dogs strutting, crowing, puffing that chest and daring anyone to take him on. Lawdy these birds are crazy creatures. No wonder we love them so....
I have 4 d'Uccle roos in the house with 2 pullets. The boys can be annoying as they are learning to perfect that crow at almost 12 weeks old but they are not loud like my Marans roos. Those can deafen me! I think a d'Uccle crow is better than a crow calling or a Blue Jay screeching.

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