Are first eggs "magic"?


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Mar 29, 2013
The other day I was eating the very first egg laid by my silver-tip wyandotte, and it got me to wondering if there are any myths or lore about first eggs? I googled it, but I couldn't find anything. Surely, there must be something really special about that first egg! (If it increases fertility, I'm not interested!)

I've got four more pullets who should start laying by the end of this month, so I'm thinking of being superstitious and carrying the first eggs around in my pocket all day to see if it brings me good luck or something besides a wet pocket if I accidentally break it. I just might give it a real test by buying a lotto ticket; I'll let you all know if I become a millionaire.
Well that was entertaining, actually found some superstitions about them."eirack's" egg&f=false

AN eirack's egg that is the first egg laid by a hen is used in Scotland as the principal ingredient in a Hallow E en charm such eggs are carefully watched for and when obtained are preserved against the advent of that festival The dread hour of midnight being at hand the eirack's egg is broken raw or rather the shell is pierced so as to admit the white exuding drop by drop This is permitted to fall into a wine glass two thirds full of clear water until little is left behind but the yolk The palm of one hand is then held over the mouth of the glass which is thereupon turned bottom up and the albumen floating in the water being thus sent whirling through it ultimately settles down in the broad part of the glass next the hand Gradually accumulating there it assumes cloudy and fantastic forms which are supposed to foreshadow the trade of the future spouse of the person holding the glass Sometimes a phantom ship in full sail is represented betokening a sailor a shadowy battle foretells of a soldier lover a mass having some distant resemblance to a sheep gives promise of a shepherd swain and so on But the charm is only yet half complete The contents of the glass have next to be taken into the mouth and to be retained there while the seeker after the secrets of futurity goes forth into the night Not a single drop must be swallowed until the person trying the charm hears the name of a man or woman as the case may be called out If the operator be a village maiden she has not generally long to wait The lads of the village are astir on such nights and are given to calling out each other's names to attract the attention of companions The name first heard thus will be the name of the future husband of her who tries the charm and the contents of the mouth must be swallowed the moment that the name is heard In Ireland at Hallow E en among other curious customs the women take the yolks from some eggs boiled hard fill the eggs with salt and eat egg shell and salt They are careful not to quench their thirst until morning If at night they dream that their lovers are at hand with water they believe they will be jilted People in the northern parts of Germany say that to cross one's face with the first new laid egg of a chicken that has been hatched in spring and begins to lay shortly before Christmas of the same year is considered the means of improving and beautifying the complexion 458 CREDULITIES PAST AND PRESENT

In Scotland an "eirack's" egg, that is, the first
egg that is laid by a young hen, is gathered as
the principal ingredient of Hallowe'en charm. At
midnight the egg is broken so that the white is-
sues out drop by drop. It is allowed to fall into
a wine glass two-thirds full of water. The palm
of the hand is placed over the rim of the glass
which is turned bottom up, and the albumen set*
ties down near the hand. It assumes vague,
shadowy forms which foretell the occupation the
person will best thrive in. Thus, if it looks like
a ship, the man should become a sailor.

Another custom in connection with an "eirack's"
egg, is to take the white in one's mouth and go out
into the night without swallowing a drop. If one
hears the name of a man or woman called out
aloud, it foretells the name of the future wife or
Cool! I've already got a husband with a "trade" but it's nice to know the official name of the first egg. (I'm still going to test the "luck" properties.) Thanks!

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